I got a new car! I had my last one (a 2000 Accord) for over 10 years. My previous car before that was a 1994 Civic, so I’ve been a Honda owner for many years. I don’t think you can go wrong with a Honda.

I’ve had my eye on the new Accords for several months. They changed the body style a bit, and it’s sleeker and longer than the “bubble” look of my last one. I feel like I have a lot of car under me. And it has all the bells and whistles I could possibly want. A built in navigation system, voice activated bluetooth, connection port for my iPod, 6 CD changer/player, leather interior, moonroof and remote ignition starter (for cooling it off before I get in during our hot summer months). It has some great safety features as well: front and side air bags, ABS brakes, Vehicle Stability Assist, Tire Pressure Monitoring.

I used the Costco Auto Program. They have pre-negotiated great rates for Costco members, and I got a really good deal without having to do the bargaining on my own. (I did get the salesman to give me a 27% discount on the remote starter, so I’ve still “got it” when it comes to persuasion capability!) For anyone looking to buy a new car, I recommend the Costco program.

Now I need to get used to all the toys and quit playing with them while I drive, before I have an accident. (just kidding … I’m careful!)

(I don’t usually publish posts about my medical problems, but I thought this was interesting so decided to share it.)

Years ago, I started experiencing a sharp shooting pain in the fourth toe of my right foot whenever I took a step. It didn’t hurt or ache when I wasn’t putting pressure on it, and it was sporadic. I’d have the condition for a few weeks, then be fine for a few weeks or months. In the last few years, it’s become more frequent and more painful.

I talked to my friend Glenda’s ex, who is a podiatrist, on the phone one day and he said it sounded like I have a Morton’s Neuroma. Since my most recent episode has lasted over 6 months, I decided it was time to see a local doctor.

There are several treatment options including cortisone injection, orthotics, alcohol injection, and surgery. He said the cortisone is successful in about 50% of the cases, so we went with that first. The first couple of days, I thought I was a success story, but then the pain came back. He had me use a small pad on the ball of my foot (in a simulated orthotic); the theory is to support and round the toe box to separate the metatarsals that are pinching that inflamed nerve. That completely eliminated the pain in my toe while walking, but made the ball of my foot sore. I didn’t like having a lump in my shoe. Last week he gave me another cortisone injection. He says sometimes two will work when one doesn’t. But rarely do three work if two don’t.

Well, I’m in the “two don’t” category, and it looks like I might have to have alcohol injections next. That will kill the nerve and permanently numb my toe, but it is fairly successful in treating neuromas.  I know my brother Don has had a numb toe from a serious cut he had as a boy and he doesn’t fall over when walking, so hopefully I’ll be able to walk with a numb toe, too. 🙂

One expensive fallout of all of this is I’ve come to realize the value of really good shoes. Yesterday I went out and spent $280 on two pairs: Naot sandals and Brooks walking shoes. I hope to be able wear one or the other pair about 80% of the time, and will only have to slip on fashion shoes on rare occasions. If the Naots work well for me, I’ll probably buy a pair of loafers or clogs this fall.

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