That’s what I’m feeling about my new laptop. My main complaint is the screen. I can’t see it. I have to have it at just the perfect angle or it works like a privacy screen. And it’s too small. Unless I enlarge the font, I have trouble reading it. (Yes, my eyesight is going where all middle aged folks’ eyesight goes.)

What I do with it I could have done just as well with a pc, and I could have gotten a much larger screen for much less money. I’m sure it will be nice for traveling because it is thin and light. I have a trip planned in October so I’ll get to try it out then.

I got some extra memory, and installed Parallels so I can run a Windows interface. One of my co-workers showed me how to run “coherence” where my Mac desktop has the Windows toolbar at the bottom to quickly and seamlessly switch to Windows apps. I haven’t done much of that yet, because I’m mostly surfing Firefox. (See what I mean by what I do I could have done on a pc?)

One thing I want to try is putting videos on my blog and in my gallery, and I think the Mac can do that easier than Windows. I’ve seen several Mac bloggers who have done it. I just have to find out how.

But it sure is pretty. Clean white, thin, light, with that nifty bitten apple on the top!

Make A Wish gave Lauren a party on Sunday. It was the official “granting” of her wish. It was held at L.I.F.E. and there were lots of family and friends there. A photographer from the Arizona Republic was also there taking photos for another article on the center.

azcentralThe reporter interviewed Carrie on Monday and the article is posted online this evening. For a short while, it is the front page photo of I’m sure it won’t be there 24 hours from now, but tonight, Lauren’s famous.

You can find the complete article here. I posted pictures of the party in my gallery.

Back in the 1940s and 50s, Mom belonged to a book club and got a new book in the mail once a month. Those were some good stories; the kind you curled up with on a gloomy day and sipped tea or hot chocolate while reading. I can remember those books lining the shelves top to bottom in our living room on Kilburn Road. They were mixed in with the Book of Knowledge, the Time Life series and a few older keepsake editions.

I somehow ended up with them when Mom and Dad moved out of that house, and they have been on the bookshelves in my living room for as long as I have had that shelf unit — at least 25 years. I’ve read most of them, some more than once. But lately, they have just collected dust.

I’ve been doing some cleaning and organizing in my house the past couple of weekends, and I decided it’s time to box up those books. I set a few aside that have either sentimental or real value (like the Elsie Dinsmore series, a second edition Jane Eyre, and two primers from the early 1900s), but the majority are going to charity or a used bookstore. I also got rid of a 1983 PDR (Physician’s Desk Reference) and a New York Library Desk Reference (who needs those when you have the internet?) I suspect some of these, even a used bookstore won’t take. I wonder if they’re recyclable?

I also packed up my bells. I have nearly 200 but I’m tiring of them and thought I might appreciate them if I put them away for a few years. I placed a few new books, some framed photos and a couple of candles and knick knacks on the shelves. And the toy baskets are still there. The shelf unit looks unusually empty, but rather fresh.

Gee, what will I clean and organize next? This is fun!

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