The HVAC at work was damaged by construction workers on Friday, and all weekend long the blower was bringing outside air into the building.  This morning, it was only about 58 degrees inside.  Everyone complained loud and long!  At about 10:00, they got the blower turned off, and slowly the ice started melting from our ears and elbows. There was no heat, but luckily it was a pretty nice day outside, and by about 2:00 it was almost comfortable if you still had your jacket on.

They expect it will still be broken tomorrow, so everyone will be bringing warm clothing and wraps. My office is in a location that is always a bit colder than the rest of the building, so I have a little fleece blanket that I keep there all the time.  I think tomorrow I won’t be the only one with my legs wrapped up.

I’ve received a couple of citations, so I guess it’s time to put down some “random thoughts and updates”. It’s not like I haven’t been working at the computer at all for the past few weeks. I’ve been busy typing my recipes. I have 44 pages, and now I’m trying to figure out how to post them on my website.

I’ve also been in minor mourning. The Wildcats have turned into a great frustration this last week. They better beat UCLA today if they want to hang onto any appealing ranking. I’ve read blogs and comments and articles touting both the positives and negatives of their recent play and future potential, so I’ll just wait and see. And keep cheering. Go ‘Cats!

My job is going well. I like Marvell. The perks and benefits are as good as Intel’s, except for a couple of things. One gal found out this week they don’t pay your salary while you are out on jury duty. She said she will feign prejudice when being questioned so she doesn’t end up on a long trial. Have I mentioned we have lost three mask designers back to Intel? I still can’t figure out why people are so eager to leave Marvell and go back to the company that sold them, especially when Intel is not through cutting headcount.

I had a nasty cold right after Thanksgiving, and during a violent coughing fit, I caused either pleurisy or a broken rib. It’s been almost 7 weeks, and still hurts to sneeze.

As a closer, I have to mention the weather. It’s cold and rainy here. But it makes me feel cozy. Every evening, I start a fire in the fireplace, light a bunch of candles, turn the lights down low, curl up with my favorite TV shows (American Idol, Gilmore Girls, Lost, Ugly Betty, House, Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, …) and watch until time to go to bed under my new snuggly down comforter. You can’t do that when the weather is 115 outside!

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