Daryl helped me put a new background on my blog last night. As you can see, it is still under construction. I’m working on a personalized header, but I’m so indecisive that it will probably take me a few days to complete something. The header that came with this one is two jpegs and not easy to edit, so I’m trying to create my own. I like the clean simplicity of this skin and hope it coordinates a little better with my photo gallery (which I recently changed also).

I’ve been working extra hours lately. A new issue was discovered on the chip I am working on, and it is requiring lots of effort on the part of the mask design team to get it fixed. I worked the past two weekends.

Robin and Ken leave Oklahoma tomorrow night. Their belongings are being shipped, and they are flying out on a red eye to Anchorage. I’ll see them in September when I go up there on my sabbatical.

Dianna has been in town for a week (working with Mom on her genealogy records) and we three went out to see Brian and Carrie’s new house. It’s coming along. Brian posted photos of the framing and walls that are starting to go up. It sure is a big house!

Robin called this week to say Steven had been to the doc for his 9 month checkup. He was found to be in the 95th percentile for length, and 3rd percentile for weight. Yes, you read right; that’s no typo. Third percentile! He’s long and thin, just like his mommy and grandma. 🙂

The doctor noticed he has a large head (98th percentile) and it is actually growing faster than the rest of him proportionately (although it seems to me everything is growing faster than the 3rd percentile!) She said it caused enough question for her to order a brain scan. She assured Robin that it most likely was nothing, but she would rather they rule out anything (hydrocephalus) while they are still in Oklahoma instead of ignoring a possible issue that could go untreated for a long while after they move to Alaska. So on Friday morning, Robin and Ken suited up with lead vests and watched their little baby be strapped to a board and his head immobilized while the CT scan snapped a picture. The technician couldn’t give them a diagnosis, of course, but did indicate there was nothing wrong. They were sent home to wait until Monday or Tuesday for results. But in the afternoon, Robin made a call to the pediatrician’s office and was able to talk to the PA who assured her the results were negative. Everything is fine. Steven is apparently just taking after all the other big-headed members of this family (Daryl, Megan, and Lauren) and hopefully it indicates a super smart brain. (I expect lots of family comments on that one!)

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Dad’s death. I talked to Mom and she was doing fine. She reminded me we all had said good-bye to Dad long ago, and he’s in a better place now.

Brian and Carrie are flying to Atlanta tomorrow for the first annual Children’s Charities Benefit Golf Tournament. The monies raised will go toward Sanfilippo research. Carrie’s uncle organized it, and there will be a dinner banquet in the evening. Brian is planning to show a video of Lauren’s life which Daryl helped put together. I saw it on Thursday evening and it is very nicely done. It begins with pictures of Lauren as a baby, has several of the TV news clips regarding her transplant, pictures in the hospital and now, and all put to appropriate music (a lullaby in the beginning … “What a Wonderful World” at the end). Daryl will make a DVD copy for anyone who wants one. Have tissues ready when viewing!

As soon as the Diamondbacks give me something to talk about, I will. Until then, GO Dbacks!

Last night, Great Grandma and I joined Brian, Carrie, Lauren and Nathan for birthday dinner at their house. (Wednesday was Mom’s 81st birthday.) When Nathan said happy birthday to GG, she asked him if he knew how old she was. He replied, “Old!”

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I like what Dan Bickley said in the Arizona Republic: The season may have ended last night, but the purple reign is just beginning. Thanks, Suns. You made basketball in Phoenix fun once again.

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That’s what I give our Suns at the end of their fabulous season. As I wrote back on April 22, I’ve watched enough basketball tournaments to know what can happen, and unfortunately, it did. It was a hard fought game, but I give the Spurs credit. They won fair and square, and deserve the victory tonight.

So it’s on to baseball! The Diamondbacks are still holding onto second place in their league, and there are plenty of games left. And remember, UA basketball starts before the baseball season is over. There’s always something on! Go ‘Backs!

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