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What a great game! (At least from a Suns’ perspective.) It was a nail-biter throughout the fourth quarter. I called Mom and she wasn’t watching because it was too close. I told her we were up and she better turn it on. Just a few minutes later, the Suns had lost their lead, so I called Mom back and told her to quit watching… she was bringing them bad luck!

Daryl and Derek are driving home from Michigan (where they took Devon for his summer internship), and they couldn’t pick up the game on the radio because of storms. So I called a few times (on our Verizon cell phones) to give them updates. At two minutes left, Daryl finally found a station and heard the end of the game.

I spent a lazy Memorial Day today. After a quick visit to Glenda’s to see her new doggie, then out to Mom’s for a few minutes, I came home and sewed for the remainder of the day (until the game came on, of course!) I had put some country pork ribs in the crock pot earlier in the day, so I had myself a little barbecue dinner in front of the t.v. The kids spent the day with the Shockley’s and had plans to swim. If they did go in the pool, it would be the first time for Lauren since last summer. She has to limit her sun exposure (because of the chemo), but with sun screen and a hat, she should be fine for a short dip.

Now, on to Wednesday! If the Suns can come back and win this series, it will be the first time an NBA team has come back from 3 games down. But if any team can do it, they can. They have broken other records this year, so what’s another one? GOOOO Suns!

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I was at the Reed’s last night watching the finale of American Idol. Nathan was totally taken with Bo. He continually chattered about “Bo this” and “Bo that”, and every time Bo was not the one performing, Nathan was asking where Bo was. After the first hour, he began to call him “my Bo”. Today he said “My Bo is coming over to my house”. Such an imagination! Fortunately, he fell asleep right before Carrie Underwood was named the new American Idol, so he didn’t have to see “his Bo” lose the crown.

Lauren made a visit to Dr. Graham in Tucson today. He said everything continues to look good. She needs to be very careful with sun exposure this summer. Chemotherapy makes patients extremely sensitive to the sun for a long time.

Our Suns have a hole to dig themselves out of. Lots of my co-workers seem to think they can do it. Getting Joe Johnson back will help. He practiced with the team today. Hopefully, he will be able to play a little this weekend. Fingers everywhere are crossed. GO Suns!

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What a great win today! After being really close for the majority of the game, we finally pulled it out in the late minutes. The Diamondbacks scored a run in the 8th for a 1-0 victory over the Tigers. What? Who did you think I was talking about?

Okay, okay, so our Suns lost the opening game in the conference finals against the Spurs. It was an exciting game until the last couple of minutes, when it became apparent we were not going to catch them again. Oh well, only one down! Let’s go, Suns!

By the way, the Diamondbacks are now in first place in the NL West. Some turn-around from last year, huh? Oh, and I decided to go with Verizon on my new phone. They have the best record on signal service nationwide. They’re a little more expensive, but probably worth it. I got set up today, and am playing with my new phone.

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Wow! What a game last night. I called Daryl at the end of regulation and asked if he was watching the game. He said he was, but was way behind on Tivo (he was still in the 3rd quarter with the Suns down by 13), so I couldn’t talk to him about the exciting comeback. I had to wait about 45 minutes after the end of overtime before he called back to say he had just seen the end. Then we discussed the great game.

I babysat the kids last night while Brian and Carrie went out with Roland and his fiance… they are in town for the weekend. When they came back to pick up the kids, Nathan wanted to stay at my house, so he spent the night. He slept until almost 7 am this morning, which is late for him over here … he’s usually up by 6. After eating pancakes while watching “The AristoCats”, his daddy picked him up and I did my Saturday errands.

I’m shopping for a new cell phone. I have had mine for almost 5 years. I am considering swapping carriers, so have done some research online (consumer reports) and also went to a few places. Haven’t made up my mind yet … I’m going to see what my current carrier, Alltel, will do first to keep me as a customer. They have got to eliminate the roaming charges or I’m switching. With the travel I have planned this year, I wouldn’t be able to afford to use my cell phone if I had to pay the exorbitant rates I’ve been charged for roaming.

New series starts tomorrow against the Spurs. Should be great. GO Suns!!!

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The day after I returned from Cancun, I flew to Oklahoma for my last visit to the house on Hollywood in Norman. The Holsingers are moving to Anchorage sometime in June.

I arrived on May 6, which was the day after Megan’s birthday. (Yes, she is a Cinco de Mayo baby like Heather.) Robin had planned her birthday party at a place near the university called “Bath Junkie”. It’s a little shop where you can mix your own bath products and fragrances. Megan had six little friends at her party, and they all made colored bubble bath salts and lotion. Megan chose “Dreamsicle” and “Fruitie Tootie” (or something like that!) and so most of the other little girls also picked those same fragrances. We had a fancy cake from a fancy bakery, the evening was fun and the house was left untouched. Since they were showing the house for sale, it seemed like a good idea to have the mess at another place.

I had not seen Steven since December, and he has grown and changed so much. I think he looks like Ken, and I think Megan looks like Ken, but I don’t really think Megan and Steven look alike. Now how does that work??? Of course, he is the most beautiful 8 month old in the world! No one would dispute that! He’s a happy baby, and I had lots of loving and kisses to catch up on.

If you have stopped by my picture gallery, you have seen all the beautiful photos of Steven and Megan. The last time the Holsingers spent hundreds of dollars on professional pictures, Ken decided the next time to spend that money on a nice camera and start taking their own pictures. He has become quite the photo enthusiast, and his pictures are really, really good. Most of the ones of Robin, Megan and Steven in the gallery were his. I also posted some pictures he has taken of churches around the world. He makes black and white prints and frames them, and they are beautiful. They have several hung around their house and they are truly works of art.

We went to church and out for dinner on Mother’s Day, and then Robin and I went out to the mall in the afternoon. She got me the fourth tiny birthstone ring for my pendant and now Steven’s September birthday is represented.

As I mentioned in the last post, they sold their house just a few days after I got back. Megan’s dance recital is this Saturday evening, and she finishes school on May 31. That’ll about wrap up their commitments in Norman, and they will be making their way North To Alaska! I’m planning a week long visit up there this fall on my sabbatical. It will be lots of fun visiting with all the Holsingers of Alaska.

Be sure to check the photo gallery. Brian posted new pictures of their home construction. It’s framed and roof trusses are up. It’s starting to take shape!

GO Suns!

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Robin and Ken sold their house! They got a really good offer, plus lots of time to close (July), so they are feeling great. Ken’s mom comes to town next week and they are planning a yard sale while she is there, and timing works well for that too. No more people coming through the house; they can begin to prepare for their move.

Go Suns! (What a grrrreat game last night, huh?)

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