I really love my solar panels. This month, I generated much more power than I used. You can see by the graph below that I only purchased electricity from the power company on two days during October. The rest of the month, I had negative days, selling kWh back to SRP. You can notice the biggest savings the week of the 6th – 11th, when I was in California.

However, on a sadder note, it appears Daryl is now beating me on daily output. His panels are positioned to gain more sunshine in the mornings and his roof is a bit steeper (which the southern sun hits more fully), so his system is soaking up a few more rays than mine. Additionally, the sun now drops behind my neighbor’s tree in the late afternoon, causing a reduction in my panel output. But I definitely have him beat on the graph above! His bigger house and electric car use a lot more electricity than me.

It looks like I am on track to generate ~98% of my overall annual usage, as predicted.

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