01. March 2012 · 2 comments · Categories: 10 Things
  1. Audio books
  2. My new Keurig coffee maker
  3. Disney
  4. The Arizona Wildcats basketball team — they are kinda scrappy this year
  5. Beautiful days like today
  6. Taking a walk outside on beautiful days like today
  7. Nail shellac
  8. Seeing Lauren smile
  9. Downton Abbey
  10. Pinterest
  1. Mushrooms (I know I wrote that once before, but I hate them so much, they are worth a second list)
  2. Pain
  3. High profile vehicles that get in front of me
  4. Other people’s noisy, bratty children (but not my own, of course!)
  5. Having an exact idea of something I want to buy and not being able to find it
  6. Difficult cell layout
  7. Complainers (is that what I’m doing right now?)
  8. Stinky public bathrooms
  9. This season’s The Bachelor
  10. Checking someone’s blog and finding they haven’t written a new post for 6-8 weeks

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