Dale has been spending time with me for the past six months. He left today for a slow journey back to Pennsylvania and New York, where he will spend the summer. He plans to take a southern route, seeing the sights across Texas, Louisiana and Florida, then he will head north where he will meet up with Karen for a backpacking hike of a portion of the Appalachian Trail.

We have gotten along extremely well. I have to credit Dale with most of that. He has been an excellent house guest, keeping his room and bathroom clean, helping with the laundry and housework, buying the major portion of the groceries, and even doing some household repairs and upgrades for me while he was here. The only disagreements we had were one political perspective and whether to peel the English cucumbers, but we quickly dropped that (political) subject and moved on, and I convinced him to try the cucumbers my way. 😉 We settled into a good routine for TV viewing; thankfully I have two TVs and two Tivos, so we could split up if we each wanted different shows.

We went to several movies together, something I don’t do too much of, so it was a treat to see some new films in the theater. We rode bikes when Gisele loaned me hers for a few weeks. (That has made me want my own bike, and I returned hers and am looking for one to buy even as I write.)

The backpacking trip I did with him and Daryl last November was really great. I definitely understand the allure. If I can get my foot taken care of (i.e. surgery) and walking well again, I hope to try another one this fall, with Karen as well.

Last night when we went to bed, I was aware it was the last night he’d be here. Already this evening, I feel the emptiness of the house. It’s a little nice not to worry about what’s for dinner tonight, but I’d gladly fix a meal just to have his company again.

I wish you safe travels, Dale, and lots of fun on the road. Come back soon. Your room is always ready! ♥

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