21. May 2010 · Comments Off on Old Videos · Categories: Life & Family

Here’s a couple old videos. In the first one, Nathan was just beginning to walk. This was right around his first birthday.

In this one, Steven was one and a half, and he was quite the talker.

I had my first of 5-8 alcohol injections into my neuroma on Friday. I have to have them every 10 days until the toe is numb. The doctor guided the needle with an ultrasound to make sure he was hitting the nerve exactly right. He said this treatment has gotten much more effective with the advancement of the ultrasound. He used to do 3 or 4 neuroma surgeries a month; now he does 3 or 4 a year.

The injection didn’t hurt as much as the cortisone when he gave it (he freeze sprayed it first), but later in the evening, it was very, very sore. It’s better today. Hope it’s not that bad every time.

I’ll update my progress in the comments section over the next few weeks.

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