Dr. Mehmet Oz has a new show. I first met Dr. Oz on Oprah. Almost everything he says makes sense to me. He said recently the embryonic stem cell debate is going to be a moot point very soon because researchers are finding that adult stem cells show such promise and are more predictable than embryonic ones (that on a show with Michael J. Fox).

He launched his own syndicated show this week. He has body parts, human anatomy animation, no embarrassment zone Q&A, guest medical experts, and practical advice. This week my favorite tip was “Close the lid BEFORE flushing.” Did you know microscopic water particles (containing bacteria, fecal matter & urine) can splash as far as 20 feet during a flush? They examined someone’s toothbrush and found e coli on it! Eeewwww!

Check your local listings if you like this kind of stuff (and IF you have the stomach for it!)

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