Lauren3108Carrie, Lauren and three L.I.F.E. therapists are traveling to the S.F. area next week to visit a doctor who is a specialist on Autism. One of Lauren’s therapists asked this doctor to see Lauren, and he initially declined. But after hearing more about her, and about the center, he was intrigued and impressed and agreed to examine her and try to design a program for her. She has been losing ground on some of her development, and particularly her speech, in the last several months. In fact, recently she doesn’t even sing much anymore.

Some of the symptoms of Sanfilippo mimic the symptoms of Autism, and a lot of Autism therapies are used for children with MPS. Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, was developed to treat Autism, but has also been extremely beneficial for many children with other developmental disorders. Lauren responded very well to ABA for a couple of years.

They will fly over on Tuesday, and the doctor’s staff is going to test and work with Lauren for four days. Brian and Carrie have some business in San Francisco over the weekend, so Margaret and Kathleen will bring Lauren home on Friday night. She’s going to spend the weekend with Mia and Poppa. And Nathan and Nonna get to hang out together. Brian and Carrie return home on Monday evening.

Carrie said she will post an update on Lauren’s blog after they return (and correct any of my misinterpretations), but I wanted to let my readers know before the trip. Please pray for them, that this doctor may be able to help Lauren regain some of her words, and her music. When Lauren doesn’t sing, it’s a very silent world.

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