We had a beautiful day today. We got up early and called our hotel in Escondido. They said the air was clearing of smoke, so we drove down to Legoland. It turned out to be clear enough to see the blue sky most of the day.

Legoland is definitely for kids. The boys had fun riding rides, and playing with Lego blocks, and getting wet. When we came in, there was a sign stating our tickets would be good for a second day anytime before the end of February 2008. This was possibly to make up for their unexpected closure, as it sure seemed unnecessary to compensate us for anything today. The park had a very small crowd, and we wandered around and walked right on to rides everywhere.

Not so at Disneyland yesterday. Our Wednesday visit was great, with 5-10 minute wait lines everywhere, but Thursday was a zoo! California Adventure was wide open (we rode Soarin’ twice with only a 5 minute wait each time) and we spent half a day there, then walked across the promenade to Disneyland at about 2:30. Whew! We were glad we had been able to do what we wanted the previous day, as most of the lines were 30-40 minutes that afternoon. We took it slow and did the less popular rides (Tiki Room, Adventures of Pooh, Matterhorn). Brian and Carrie picked up a Fast Pass to Space Mountain and rode that late in the evening while Nathan and I went to Toon Town).

My grandsons LOVE the roller coasters! Robin and Ken went to Disneyland a couple weeks ago, and Robin told me Steven rides everything that he is tall enough for. So does Nathan. He stretched as high as he could to just make the height requirement on a couple of them. He wants to try them all!

We are heading to Sea World tomorrow and then home on Sunday. Hopefully, the weather will be nice again.

Mia and Poppa have been caring for Lauren, and they are having a super fun time at a local hotel this weekend.

When we were checking in to our hotel this evening, there were several fire fighters coming in and out of the lobby. We hear the hotel is giving rooms to them. They sure looked weary. I asked how things were going, and they said most fires are contained except the Witch fire, which is about 50% contained. Unfortunately, what’s been left behind is pretty disheartening. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those who have lost so much this week.

Smoke, that is. It’s thick enough to cut. As soon as we came over the hill at Corona, we started smelling it. We could see it from as far away as Beaumont. We haven’t seen any flames, but there is evidence across the sky.

Mark and Heather were evacuated from their resort this morning. They were just five miles from the Witch Fire. They have driven up north to stay with some friends in the L.A. area. They will join us at Disneyland tomorrow. We’re not sure if we’ll stick around Anaheim for another day, or head south on Thursday as we had planned. Legoland has been closed all week, but if it’s open by then, we already have our tickets, so would like to be able to use them.

It would be awfully selfish to be disappointed about our vacation plans when half a million people have been removed from their homes, with 1600 destroyed. We feel very blessed to be safe and sound, and looking forward to spending a day at the happiest place on earth. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the residents of the burned areas.

I’m leaving on Tuesday for a six day vacation with Brian, Carrie and Nathan. On Wednesday, we’re going to Disneyland. It’s been about 14 years since I’ve been to there. I’ve been to Walt Disney World three times in the last 6 years, but haven’t been to Disneyland in a looong time.

On Thursday, we’re meeting up with Heather, Mark and the boys, and Don and Betty at Legoland; actually, I’m not sure if Don is going to Legoland; he wasn’t keen on the idea of all the kiddie rides. I can’t say I’m looking forward to Legoland so much as looking forward to seeing those three little boys’ delight on that day.

On Friday, we’ll hit Sea World. It’s supposed to be a nice day, in the low to mid 70s. That’ll be a nice break from our hot summer and warm fall.

Lauren is staying with her Mia and Poppa (Carrie’s parents). She does not do well at theme parks. She’s intimidated with all the confusion, and she’d rather people-watch than ride the rides. They are taking her to a hotel on the weekend where she can climb the stairs and walk the grounds. It’ll be a happy time for her.

Nathan told his mom this morning that he had to fly. He doesn’t think six hours on the freeway sounds like fun. But their car has a DVD player, and Nonna is bringing along plenty of snacks and books, so we’ll be just fine!

This will be my debut trip with my Macbook. I’ll try to blog while I’m gone. Richard sure set a high standard for trip blogging. I’m not sure if I can match that but I’ll try to check in occasionally.

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