I recently had some landscaping done in my back yard. They removed one of my citrus trees, upgraded the sprinkler system, planted some trees, aerated the grass and spread it with topsoil. It looks much better, and the grass is slowly coming back in. One thing the landscaper would not do is rebuild the cedar fence atrium around the master bath window. The guy asked me if I could hire a “handy-man” to do that because it wasn’t really in the scope of what they usually did.

So I thought about who I might hire, and I thought of Mark. I have seen his work and he does a grrrr-eat job. He built an Arizona room on Heather and his house and it is very fine.

I called him up to see if he would take the job. He was very willing to help me out. We haggled a lot over price … he wanted to do it for free … I wouldn’t hear of it. We finally settled on a trade of services, and believe me — I got the far, far better end of the deal!

He built the whole thing this weekend. To really comprehend how much work it was, in addition to viewing the pictures, you need to know it was 100 degrees outside!


before3.JPG before1.JPG before2-sm.JPG

after2-sm.JPG after3-sm.JPG after4-sm.JPG
Doesn’t it look fabulous? Mark, I can’t thank you enough.

On the Oprah show on Friday, she announced a mini-series produced by the Discovery Channel called Planet Earth. All eleven episodes of this television event were shown today in a marathon screening. Some of the clips she had shown peaked my interest and I turned it on today while I was working around the house. I was spellbound from the first moment. Spectacular! Breathtaking! Fascinating! This show is on the order of The March of the Penguins. Cameras zoom right into the middle of nature (without disturbing it) so we can see what humans rarely see. The photography was magnificent; the narration perfectly timed and scripted; the animals and scenery, miraculous.

I hope you got to see some of it. If not, set your Tivo to find future episodes. It’ll be well worth your time.

The kids had an Easter egg hunt yesterday, and Nathan was so cute. On Saturday night, Carrie had him plant some “lollipop” seeds. The next day, of course, lollipops had grown! He was so very excited. Then he started hunting for eggs. He ran around, picking up colored eggs, and said, “That Easter Bunny is so tricky!” After he had picked up several, he turned and told his mommy “I better let Lauren find some, too.” He kept checking her basket to make sure she had as many as he did. He seemed to instinctively know the Easter Bunny had hidden his eggs in harder places and all the ones laying out in the middle of the grass were for Sissy.
Here’re a few pictures that captured the moments.

The lollipops grew-sm.JPG Heres one Lauren-sm.JPG Baskets getting pretty full-sm.JPG
There’re a few more here.

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