We’re moving Mom this weekend. There is a nice apartment for a less expensive rate available, and she has to be moved by this Wednesday. I spent six hours on Saturday and four on Sunday over at her place packing boxes and throwing out stuff she doesn’t use anymore. We can get into the new apartment today, so Daryl, Brian, Mark and I are going to move her stuff over there. Everyone should move every few years. It’s the best “spring cleaning” incentive there is. I cringe to think of all that people will find in my house when I’m gone. I’ve lived here 20 years next spring! In fact, sorting through all Mom’s stuff and moving her into a fresh new place has inspired me to do some fall cleaning myself.

Later this month I’m driving up to Boise to see Robin and Ken. I’ll arrive on Steven’s birthday, and Megan will be on one of her school breaks the week I’m there. It should be a nice road trip, a fun visit, and I’m definitely looking forward to the break from work, work, work!

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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